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uganda, east africa

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AIDS-DANCEAIDS awareness presentation: telling the story of prevention and treatment through dance.

The devastating effects of AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) on households and communities cannot be exaggerated. It debilitates entire families, leaving chores neglected and crops unplanted. It does not discriminate by age or sex and ultimately kills most in its path.

Stemming the Tide

Attempts to treat the huge numbers infected are like trying to halt the wind or stop a flood. Nevertheless, efforts to stem the tide continue. At best, the often excruciating process of dying can be eased. The results of efforts to prevent the disease have been mixed. Implementation is frequently frustrated by ingrained practices, beliefs and fears.

Kagando Mission Hospital programs focus on AIDS prevention and treatment, including detection in pregnant women, and subsequent treatment to prevent transmission to newborns. 

When the body's immune system is weakened by AIDS, natural defenses are compromised and diseases are able to thrive. Therefore, those infected with the HIV virus are more susceptible to them. Tuberculosis has paralleled the rise in AIDS. As is the case with malaria and AIDS, the upsurge of drug resistance has complicated treatment. A minimum of 6-9 months is required to cure Tuberculosis. Community health workers provide frequent encouragement and oversight needed to maintain outpatient compliance in taking medications over a long period of time.